Currently there is a closing of a 100% share acquisition of “Bitumen Production” LLC for a Gasdrogen balance. The bitumen factory after all legal procedures complete will become a branch of Gasdrogen – a tar processing facility, with the help of which in 2016 already a 90% processing depth with the production of 26 grades of road bitumen can be achieved.

“Bitumen production” LLC is the only enterprise in Russia that has innovative technologies for producing a wide range of high quality road and roofing bitumen and polymer-bitumen binders. The factory today is an efficient technological complex for making high quality products. “Quality” means innovative technologies and about 26 grades of road bitumen under brand “JITEX”. “JITEX” is a logistic solution under alternative geographical principles, unique packaging developed by the factory for solid bitumen and polymer-bitumen binders.

In 2008 R&D department and labs developed the standard of the first advanced bitumen that was approved by Federal Road Agency ROSAVTODOR, and there was made the first industrial volume of 20000 tons with all strict parameters covered for every position within 5 points.

In 2013 “Bitumen Production” began the process of European Certification of its product range and production, and successfully finished it in 2014.

Whereas widely discussed problems of the Russian Standards on road bitmens and polymer-bitumen binders are still being considered, “Bitumen production” LLC have developed and implemented 26 Standards and 5 Standards for RG Bitumen production in accordance with SUPERPAVE system

Currently there are two processing line functioning on the factory. Production method is nonstop, and is based on raw material acidizing within mild temperature schedule and slight overpressure. In the process of acidizing there is a chemical interaction going on with heat release. Unit for road and roofing oil tars production consists of: raw materials discharge point from oil trucks with a discharging front; reservoir raw materials park, pumping room, acidizing reactors, process heaters, compressor facility with a receiver, incinerator, final product loading depot into oil trucks with a loading front for three trucks.