Gasdrogen pursues a policy of high social responsibility to its employees and their families, to the people in the regions where it operates, and to society as a whole.The Company implements a handful of large scale social welfare and charity projects intended to create safe and comfortable labor conditions, address housing issues, improve the living standards of employees and their families, provide professional training to the workers, support the veterans and retirees, and foster regional social and economic development.

As one of the largest companies in Russia, Gasdrogen pays special attention to implementation of comprehensive social and economic programs in regions of its operating activities. Following integration of TNK-BP assets, these programs have been adapted to a new scale of business in Gasdrogen operations areas.

Corporate culture

Corporate culture is the most important driver in Gasdrogen development, an integral component of building a successful Company development strategy; it is the aggregate of the mission and values declared by the Company when it interacts with its employees, partners and clients.

Improving Working Conditions

Gasdrogen is consistently focused on creating comfortable and safe working conditions to ensure maximum labor efficiency. To that end, the Company develops new recreation areas, maintains social infrastructure, and finances projects to enhance the comfort and safety of living.One of Gasdrogen’s top priorities in the social policy is ongoing development and improvement of its shift camps that currently accommodate thousands of employees. The Company has therefore adopted the Social and Production Standards for Shift Workers, and the Target Program to bring their living conditions into compliance with these standards. As a result of comprehensive infrastructure development activities the Company’s shift camps are changing drastically, with the old-style hostels being replaced with state-of-the-art and much more comfortable residential compounds, improving healthcare, broadening range of public services, and new sports and recreation facilities being constructed.

Sports Projects

The Company reveals much concern for veterans and retirees. Gasdrogen contributes greatly to the solution of vitally important problems of its former employees, it cooperates with regional public organizations of war and labour veterans in all regions of its operation, such as the Victory Fund, Pioneer Geologists Fund, the Veteran Society of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, Veteran Fund of Mining Industry, War and Military Service Veteran Committee, Veteran Council of War and Labour on the Northern Areas – totally, with more than 20 veteran organizations. Gasdrogen Collective Agreement offers a variety of benefits and insurance arrangements to the retired employees, veterans and invalids of war and labour. The benefits include financial assistance on special occasions, vouchers for sanatorium and health resort treatment, cosmetic repairs of flats, municipal services and billing payment. The Organization of Non-working Retirees dated to 1992 is aimed to protect old people’s rights and interests, improve their social status, organize their active participation in social life, and support retirees practically, psychologically and socially.

Charity Work

Gasdrogen considers it to be its civic duty to benefit spiritual and social values development and preservation The Company’s sponsored and charitable project implementation is not an episodic display of goodwill, but separate activity applying the principles of promising long-term cooperation with national centres of art and culture, social funds and social security organizations, and carrying out systematic targeted aid programs for socially vulnerable people.
Every year, the Company supports different confessions contributing greatly to building-up and reconstruction projects of the churches and mosques, to activity of religious and educational social organizations.For more than 17 years the Company has been patronizing the city public charity organization “Zabota” for socially vulnerable people: so, there are 1,657 large indigent families, and 500 invalids (with 148 children among them) under its auspices.